79. Almost Nothing Aggravates Me MORE

so i have this teacher, i won't say who (obviously) who likes to give me the same RIDICULOUS answer to my questions. i never thought i was THAT curious of a student but apparently, i am.

"i've never seen them ask that on the BAC so it doesn't matter"


what kind of STUPID answer is that?????? seriously, VERY few things aggravate me more. aren't teachers supposed to answer my questions? ESPECIALLY if they're related to the topic of study? or even if i'm just inquisitive, just give me answer so that i can understand, even if i'm being meticulous about the details. who cares???

"god is great"

that's another one of his (or her) answers. i needed a logical, SCIENTIFIC explanation, not some random religious irrelevant answer.

PLUS, in my defense, when he/she tells me that i'm being too meticulous, how does he expect me to sort my meticulous questions from my general questions if i don't even know the answer to them before i ask them? it doesn't make sense. why can't this teacher just be a teacher & satisfy my scientific curiousity? you know, share some of his/her knowledge?

that's the problem with schooling here: it's all about the BAC & not really what comes after as in if it's not on it, don't study it. i mean, i'm 18 years-old so i would have thought that we're passed that immature level of study where we only learn what's on the test. i thought adults were a little less "structured".

honestly, i don't mind it THAT much but at some point, it gets just unacceptable. you know if all the experts in each of my subjects took the BAC in that subject, they would probably fail? cause it's not about what you know hence what you write but HOW you write it. it's all about presentation & organisation & that bothers me.

i have to get back to work now,



78. How could I possibly be THIS close the deadline?

University apps are making me very uneasy...where did my head start go?



77. a picture is worth a 1000 words (but they underestimated) -a.b.

SO IT'S EITHER THE SUN OR FOOD;;; (reverse chronological order)

foie gras & truffe; 8.5/10

my carrot cake that i made for the new year's party; 2/10

morning we left from vacation

du cidre; 8/10


host brother's daughter went pony-riding at the resort

doggy in action

tennis on vacation

la tartiflette; marché de noël d'amiens

metre-long crêpes

AFS italie II bought rain boots

du vin chaud (bleugh; too strong)



76. la bise

la bise is a traditional way of greeting someone that you know the first time you see them that day, or to say goodbye if you're not going to see someone for a long time. a kiss to the left, a kiss to the right; you get to brush cheeks with all your favourite people everyday.boys are kind of prickly even though they shave. girls have squishier cheeks & i don't like it when people's faces are still sticky because of slow-absoring cream or aftershave. but la bise is a main reason perfume is so popular in this country, i think...& yes, i'm just weirdly observant like that. i think it's one the best things ever & it's one thing i want to keep with me so just know that i'm not crazy if ever my face starts getting too close to your's.



75.Here we go! Here we go! (title meant to be sung)

the truth is, i've just had so much i've been wanting to tell you, i didn't know where to begin & i so i never did. but since it's a school week again (xmas vacation is over) & it's a wednesday (blog days), i'm buckling myself in tight this time & for the long haul...but i make no promises cause i'm just not that type of person. i don't like broken promises so i don't make promises i can't keep but since i've always been just a tiny bit philosophical, i tell myself that any promise can be broken so that's why i don't make any. it's horrid actually & it's a major fault. i'm hesistant & indecisive & i don't really know what i want; just what i don't want. (in response to hill's post)

today, winter sales in france began for a month.

so what do i want to remember about my year in france? let's start with xmas presents?
hat-scarf-gloves set, molecular gastronomy set, christmas recipe book, jewelery holder, xmas tea, 30£, scarf, l'étranger (camus), studio beluga necklace & other little things.

omg!! god my massive package yesterday & i was ECCSTATIC!!! (surprised i still remember how to spell that...) i love receiving packages; i get soooo EXCITED!!! i slashed the thing open with a pair of dull scissors in not-so-record-time since the scissors were so dull but wtv.

oh yeah! i wanted to talk about how INCREDIBLE some authors are. i recently finished Memoirs of a Geisha (Golden) & now i'm halfway through Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (Foer) & it's also crazy good. well, what i can't get over how much authors are like actors, or their just really good empathizers. who knows, maybe they sympathize well too? but anyway, not all of them obviously but when some american man can write a 434 page book (not sure, from memory) from the perspective of a japanese lady recounting her life in the 1930-40, like that's just crazy. he's so intricate, just like a geisha & you ask yourself how it can all be...fiction. & then there's Foer who is writing in the present but from a 9-year old's point of view. the language, the thoughts & the understanding of a child mind is either pure psychology, or pure genious. & PLUS, the novel is practically a picture book; love that!

4h math exam went well this morning but i want a good mark soooooo bad, as in minimum an american pass (60%) but more preferably, an 80%. (i care cause i want to go to university next year, where marks matter. i going to have to pull of a "never before" to get the freaking BAC that's freaking me out. like i truthfully don't get how the HELL i'm supposed to learn EVERYTHING by heart by the end of the year, no joke. EVERYTHING. funny cause i've always wanted school like this, when you basically get a big book of everything you have to know by the end of the year. it amuses me but it's just so much!!! plus french; ok, i'll stop now. imagine how much easier it would be to only learn the stuff that truly interests you. i honestly feel force-fed to the extreme right now; dry, tasteless information that is just non-adhesive to my brain. & seriously, i hate wasting brain space for things i don't want to remember. i want to remember the important things. it used to be fine cause i just stored school stuff in short-term memory, unless it was science but now that's no longer an option cause i need it to pass the BAC...sh*t)