128. quick update cause i'm a busy bee

yesterday morning, i got my results for that fatal BAC i've been ranting about since probably before i left...anyway, i got 16.34 *brushes off her shoulder* lol

yeah, ok, right. ARE YOU KIDDING?!!!!!!!!!!!!! 16.34???????????? i would've never imagined but who i'm most happy for are the people i kept pushing & pushing throughout the year, who didn't work but who were definitely intelligent enough to pass. few people believed in them & the teachers kept tearing them down & i'm just so so proud of them. i couldn't be happier.

a few really memorable moments yesterday:
"Vincent ---...ADMIS!!!" (i jump up & down)
"Martin ---...ADMIS!!!" (i jump up & down)
"[bt]... ... ... Mention...TRES BIEN!!!!!!!!" "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!", and the crowd goes wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiild!! definitely a highlight of my life.

the thing is that it means a lot to know you've achieved something but it means so much more when people are happy for you, & that goes both ways, which is why yesterday night, i threw a party at my place with ari to say goodbye & to celebrate our achievement. we popped some bubbly & snacked on my macaron tower, my present for the BAC.

i'm going to miss these lovely people.


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