126. fb

so about 2min ago, i tried to sign up for facebook cause i'm planning a party & i'm planning on getting it anyway after i get back so i thought i would just do it. however, i HAVE been contemplating a lot about this signing of for fb thing cause it's really like the second you get it well, you're not really a fb virgin anymore, you know? anyway, so a lot of ppl say go ahead & that it's harmless blah blah but why i want to get it because there really seems to be no other alternative to being able to stay in contact with all the ppl i've met this year. makes sense, right? WELL, so i bit down hard i decided to do it. except...

i filled in all of my info & clicked on register. & you know what? it said error. so i redid it over & over again. i changed my name, even, & it just wouldn't let me. now i'm not crazy superficial but i DO believe in listening to my gut & if even the mighty Facebook doesn't let me have an account, then should i really be forcing myself into it? even if i already kind of told everyone here that i would be signing up for it as soon as i get back? :S i feel like ppl are waiting!! i don't know what to do...


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